About Us

VAP SA (Pty) was founded in 1977 by Jimmy Syrrafos. With his untimely death in 1996 his then wife Linda took over the company with very little industry knowledge or experience. This lack of knowledge and experience did not deter Linda and VAP has steadily grown, under her guidance, into a well known and respected supplier of components to the plastic injection industry.

In 2007 Jimmy and Linda’s son Xen joined the company and in a short period of time he has managed to build good relationships with customers and suppliers, which bodes well for the future of the business. In 2011 Lia, Xen’s twin sister joined VAP thus cementing VAP as a genuine family business.

VAP’s large stock holding of high quality fully located mould bases and it’s wide range of components for the plastic injection industry are all imported from Spain.

VAP’s success lies in the fact that it is able to supply mould bases and components to toolmakers that are well priced, of a high quality with timely delivery.